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elvis, presley, ferlin Huskey vintage photosCollecting old photographs occupies an interesting niche in the hobby, with many passionate believers. In not only the music world but in all entertainment, collectors relish having old photographs that were actually printed at the time the photo was taken, or within about five years, which is termed “vintage.”

Also, here at postercentral.com we’re always on the hunt for old photographs – in any form, even from magazines – that show old concert posters in their original setting: posted somewhere to sell tickets. It’s a great thrill to run across those from the 1960s on back, and we’d love to see any examples that you might have.

And then there are just good old-fashioned candids and amateur “snapshots,” especially unpublished ones. Whether they were taken on stage or off, these photos can exude a feeling of fandom and “being there” that professional photographs don’t convey. We don’t have any unpublished candids/amateurs from 1920-1970 to display yet, but we’re hoping somebody will submit some soon (credit will be given, of course).

Click on each image or caption below to see larger images and more explanation. And remember, I pay top dollar for vintage photographic prints of musicians spanning the half-century of 1920-1970.

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Elvis presley vintage photo Elvis presley vintage photo

Vintage Photos Elvis Presley


vintage photo of old store and road

vintage photo old store

Vintage Photos
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Ferlin Huskey vintage old photo Ferlin Huskey modern photo

Vintage Photos Old/Modern


A 20-year-old Elvis Presley photographed backstage at Ellis Auditorium in Memphis, TN on Feb. 6, 1955 by photographer Robert Dye; country singer Ferlin Husky also photographed backstage at Ellis Auditorium on the same day, by Dye; and a general store in Raleigh, NC dating from 1953, with many posters and announcements posted on its outside wall.

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