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I will pay top dollar for original country music concert posters like these: Hank Williams (Sr.) and Roy Acuff in Olympia, WA, May 4, 1950; The Carter Sisters featuring Mother Maybelle in Oneida, TN, Feb. 9, 1954; Faron Young, Martha Carson, Ferlin Huskey, The Wilburn Brothers and the hillbilly cat himself, Elvis Presley, in Memphis, TN, Feb. 6, 1955; Johnny Cash in Ventura, CA, Dec. 9, 1956; Lefty Frizzell, Freddie Hart, Little David and Hurshul Clothier in Chehalis, WA, Aug. 2, 1958; and Willie Nelson in Wichita Falls, TX, July 24, 1963. These posters are all original, all printed before the event for the sole purpose of selling tickets.

Hank Williams Grand Ole Opry poster
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These authentic country music concert posters are all from artists who not only sold millions of records and had standout careers, but also influenced countless singer-songwriters and C&W acts for generations to follow. There was also quite a crossover to rock ’n roll and the musical mainstream from artists such as Williams, Cash, Nelson and, of course, Presley, who just a year later became the king of rock ’n roll.

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Willie Nelson concert poster
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