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I will pay top dollar for original U.K. concert posters like these: The Rolling Stones, The Big 3, Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders and others in Sheffield, England, Nov. 13, 1963; The Beatles, Gerry & The Pacemakers, Roy Orbison and others in Ipswich, England, May 22, 1963; The Kinks (poster states, “If you like the ‘Rolling Stones’ – you will love the Kinks”) in Wallington, England, June 5, 1964; The Who in Torquay, England, Aug. 27, 1965; The Walker Brothers, Cat Stevens and Engelbert Humperdinck with Jimi Hendrix opening in Aldershot, England, April 27, 1967; and Pink Floyd in Torquay, England, June 29, 1968. These posters are all original, all printed before the event for the sole purpose of selling tickets.

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These authentic English concert posters are all from the 1960s because of the importance of the British Invasion on American soil in that decade. Unlike U.S. concert posters, which were often made of cardboard, virtually all U.K. concert posters were printed on thin paper, with no thought to being collectible decades later. The Brits often didn’t bother with photographs on their posters, and seemed to use the horizontal format almost as much as the vertical one.


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