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Goldmine Magazine coverCollecting Rare Music Posters
by Pete Howard

In September of 1995, the collector’s magazine Goldmine ran this 22,000-word article of mine as a cover story, even turning their cover into a mock poster itself. For the purposes of this site, I recently went through the article and updated many of the facts that had changed, and added new things that have come to light during the ensuing 15 years. I also divided the article into two pieces, Concert Posters and Promo Posters. Nothing was edited out for space reasons (this being the Internet). This article is now copyright 2009 by PosterCentral.com, and may not be reproduced in any portion without permission – but don’t hesitate to ask, we like to work with people.

We’re very proud of the authority and accuracy of this long article, but please be sure to let us know of any updates, corrections or additions you might have. Thanks… and enjoy!

Pete Howard

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Bb Dylan columbia promo poster

Collecting Rare Promo Posters

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Collecting Rare Concert Posters

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Up Against the Wall! Goldmine magazine presents a Special Report: Collecting Rare Posters, The Fastest Growing Hobby in Music. Goldmine Issue #396, Vol. 21, No. 20, dated September 29, 1995. Article written by Pete Howard, and edited by Jeff Tamarkin with assistance from Bonni Miller.

Bill Haley and His Comets at the Old Orchard Palace Ballroom in Old Orchard Beach, Maine on May 28, 1957. The Shake Rattle and Roll Boys: “Rip It Up,” “See You Later Alligator,” “Teenager’s Mother,” “Dim Dim the Lights,” “Rock Around the Clock,” “Rockin’ Through the Rye” and “Shake Rattle and Roll.”

And “Bob Dylan Brings It All Back Home on Columbia Records,” a small cardboard promotional stand-up made to promote Dylan’s then-new album Bringing It All Back Home, released in March 1965.


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