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washington Post logo   “‘The Internet is a grand and incredible promotion machine’ for the industry, said Pete Howard, publisher of ICE, a magazine that tracks new music releases. Comparing the Internet to the illegal copying of audiocassettes in the early 1970’s, Howard said, ‘There’s a great initial panic when something like this comes along, but eventually cooler heads prevail.’” The Washington Post, February 9, 1999
USA Today logo   “‘ICE magazine publisher Pete Howard isn’t worried that his CD collection will go out of style. ‘Baby boomers who grew up with tangible media will always have their CDs. CDs were a beautiful transition as a delivery system for music (after vinyl). With the electronic delivery of music, it’s a chasm to jump over.’” USA Today, March 2, 2000
New York Daily News logo   “Music fans and critics are learning that the CD medium isn’t perfect, thanks to faulty master tapes, incomplete packaging, skimpy running times, and the like. Consumers need a place to turn, and that’s where ICE comes in.... Each monthly issue of ICE contains a glut of record-release dates and nuggets about projects in the works. In the valuable CD Watchdog column, readers offer comments and complaints regarding specific CDs.” New York Daily News, May 30, 1988
Details logo   ICE has the definitive lists [on the Internet] of what titles are hitting stores when…” Details, annual music issue, July 1996
Rolling Stone logo   “‘This demand has made quality a low priority, and faulty product is sold until someone cries foul. ICE, a meticulously researched monthly newsletter, teems with tales of neglect: the original CD pressings of such classics as Springsteen’s Born to Run and Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours were so disappointing that the record companies remastered them.” Rolling Stone, December 17-31, 1987
Los Angeles Times logo   ICE, the indispensable monthly CD newsletter, celebrates its fifth anniversary with a new format... Pete Howard, a former record company staffer and disc jockey who started the newsletter in his apartment in March of 1987, now operates ICE from an office in Santa Monica with a staff of 10 full- and part-time employees.... Howard, who comes up each issue with a dazzling array of scoops ranging from the production of new CD box sets to complaints about the sound quality of releases, estimates that he spends 50 hours an issue on the phone gathering information.” Los Angeles Times, January 3, 1992
Guitar world Logo   ICE, the leading source of cutting-edge information of CD consumers and record-industry professionals, recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. The newsletter, which now boasts over 10,000 subscribers in 20 countries, lists upcoming CD releases, new and reissued; why and how major goofs are made on some CDs, and what the labels are doing to correct them; and which CD reissues should be avoided.” Guitar World, July 1992.
The Village Voice   “Luckily there’s ICE to set the record (uh, CD) straight.” The Village Voice, February 19, 1991
Record Collector logo  

“Each issue of ICE runs to just 12 pages, but the depth of information in that small space is staggering. By diligent research work, early-morning long-distance phone calls and sheer persistence in the face of record company stalling, ICE always finds out about new releases, in Britain and America, long before the details reach Rolling Stone, Q or NME. Their listing of upcoming U.S. albums is invaluable, as is their coverage of the reissue market. What’s most impressive, however, is the fact that they get behind the details to discover the mechanics of how important compilations are put together... ICE also covers the more dubious area of bootleg and semi-legal CDs, plus promos, collector’s items and CD scandals. As such, it’s the perfect complement to each month’s Record Collector – highly recommended on every count.” England’s Record Collector, April 1993

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