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We plan to turn this page into a gallery of made-up concert posters sprung from the imaginations of poster collectors everywhere. You don’t have to be a graphic artist; after all, boxing-style concert posters were usually laid out and typeset by non-artistic types. (But maybe you’d like to enlist a friend who is.)

We’d love to see your participation in this. Just dream up any old concert poster you’d like to see, perhaps a dream concert that never could have happened. Then design your own poster, no matter how stark or un-artistic, and send it in to us – even if it looks like the simple Frank Sinatra poster on our home page.

“Have fun” is the operative phrase here. We’d be thrilled to put up your results, with your credit of course on the individual blow-up page. Speaking of which… on this page, be sure to click on any poster image to see the full-screen version of that poster!

And we hope to hear from you soon.

Pete Howard

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