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Bootleg Gallery 3

Rock Roll show of shows bootleg poster

The closest thing to a joke that we’ve seen with phony posters… was it ignorance, or a put-on, that compelled the forger to put Buddy Holly in a concert setting 28 months after he died? And what’s with Paul Anka & Annette getting top billing while much bigger legends languish down below?


Bob Dylan at University Regent Theater bootleg poster

A very close knock-off of a real poster from Bob Dylan’s prime in late 1963. The bootlegs have white residue in Dylan’s ear, and are ever-so-smaller than the few originals we’ve seen over the years.


Hank Williams at the Grand Ole Opry bootleg poster

Another “Good Lord’s Willing” Hank Williams commemorative poster… Hank died on the way to this show, a fact too sexy for bootleggers to resist. We’ve seen only three real ones over the years, two of which are pictured on our Blog page.



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Elvis Presley at the Civic Center bootleg poster

Super-duper-common Elvis boot with irresistible features like 10 hit song titles and a photo of the King in his famous gold lame suit. Forget about authenticity, but we wonder if Gary Wassion (named on the poster) was a real person?


Elvis Presley at the Market Square Arena Bootleg poster

And now we move to the ’70s with Elvis Presley commemorative posters (meaning, printed after the fact). Notice how close this design is to the 1957 Elvis boot in our Bootleg Gallery 1. No imagination!


Beatles at Washington Sports Arena Bootleg poster

A poster so silly that it barely merits addressing… the Beatles sold tickets so fast in 1964 that there’s not a single (conventional) concert poster known for any of their U.S. shows that year. Pure wishful thinking.


Rolling Stones at River front stadium bootleg poster

There are so many things wrong with this poster, the goofs may have been intentional to avoid legal trouble. For starters, it’s a supposed 1965 concert poster but carries a photo of the Stones from the ’70s. And what’s with Joe “Crocker”? Someone’s having a good laugh somewhere – maybe it’s Gary Wassion!

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I will pay top dollar for authentic concert posters by any of these artists. In the meantime, details on this page’s counterfeit posters: Bobby Darin, Chubby Checker, Paul Anka & Annette, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, and The Platters, with Special Guests the Everly Brothers, Bobby Rydell, Fats Domino, Bill Haley and the Comets, Larry Harrell, and the Cordetts (should be Chordettes but it looks like they ran out of room), at the Palace Center in Buffalo, NY, June 7, 1961; Hank Williams and His Drifting Cowboys at the Canton Memorial Auditorium in Canton, OH, New Year’s Day 1953; CORE Presents Bob Dylan at the University Regent Theatre, Syracuse, NY, Nov. 3, 1963; Elvis Presley and the Jordanaires at the Civic Center in Chicago, IL, Feb. 16, 1957; Elvis Presley with J.D. Sumner and the Stamps at the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, IN, June 27, 1976; The Beatles at the Washington Sports Arena in Washington, D.C., Feb. 11, 1964; and The Rolling Stones with Special Guest Joe Crocker (should be Cocker - never mind that he was years away from his American debut) at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, OH, Dec. 15, 1965.

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