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PosterCentral.com Mission Statement

The purpose of this site is to:

star Continue to build my prized collection of music artifacts and provide me with a vocation that I can grow old with. (So we’ll probably be taking ads further down the road.)

star Provide a Blog for music collectors that is more open, transparent, honest, dazzling and fun than any forum that’s come before it. To get collectors out of their closets and in touch with each other and promote good will and fair dealings, and minimize secrecy. And to exercise the radical concept of putting integrity before money.


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Hank Thompson photo

A lifetime of debt and gratitude goes to legendary boxing-style poster collector Hank Thompson of Raleigh, NC (1949-2005), who always put people and their feelings first, and as a result wound up with America’s best poster collection in the 1990s. (Hank is not to be confused with his namesake on the C&W concert poster he's holding!)

  Hank Thompson photo
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Web site design: Katie Fagan of Synapse Creative Group

Early Guidance and Inspiration: Joel Gilbert of Highway 61 Revisited

Present-Day Guru and Savior: Scott Chatfield of Obvious Moose Communications - reliable web hosting at a nice price!

Special thanks to Andrew Hawley (rareboard@aol.com) for allowing me to photograph many of the posters seen on this site over the last 12-15 years.


And of course, Pete Howard wishes to thank his wife and three children for allowing him to pursue his dream and do what he loves for a living – THIS!



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